What to do when a bird gets stuck in your house

This one’s gonna hurt in a coupla years
13 December 2012, 1:07 pm
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Letter home:
Ok, so last night my own FACE was bitten by mosquitoes, so I was like, ASSEZ IS ASSEZ you PEUPLE.  I talked to Dali about it at breakfast and he was like, no, it’s no problem.  Just tell ’em to spray your room.  And I was like, JE DETESTE it when they spray my room, b/c CA VA ME DONNER cancer when I’m 40 years old.  He’s like, no, really, if they do it in the morning you won’t even know it.  So against all my better judgement I asked the front desk if they could spray my room un petit peu this morning b/c I don’t want to fucking ATTRAPE LE PALU at Christmas. 
I just came up to my room during the lunch break and it was like they dropped a freaking toxic bomb in here.  It’s so stinky and terrible (but, to give them credit, I believe there may be no living things in this room any more, including whatever took a dump right by my toothbrush last night).  I hope hope hope it is less headache-inducing tonight.  Holy moly.
And that wraps up today’s chapter of Aventures en Afrique Quoi.