What to do when a bird gets stuck in your house

17 July 2008, 9:30 pm
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Scope of project: 16 pages? That would be 8 pieces of paper, folded in half. Maybe just half that – four pages, folded in half. Or two pages, folded two times. Something small, shall we say?, birdlike.

Origin story.

Opening scene: close up of an eye from the side. The house in this episode is the house of the mind (muhaha) and the bird getting stuck is of the malevolent variety. Cheesey Rush song. What malevolent bird? Crow is the classic choice. Fuckers. Swooping at your head.

Next: What to do to get it out. This presents a challenge because what to do if a bird gets stuck in your head? You can’t exactly pound it out, open up your skull to let it fly out. How did it get there in the first place? Is this a topic to explore? The origins story. A la creation myth. Why we are.

La Familia: The beginning of it focuses on the creation of the bird, how it flew in in the first place, where it came from, all the rest. If it has brothers and sisters, kid birds. What it was like in birdland, if it was better (and the flying into the head was just a mistake, regretted) or worse (the bird is a refugee, a squatter, and you feel like an asshole for kicking it out).

Now we’re getting somewhere: How the person created the idea of the bird. What space the bird fills in the person’s life, if it’s helpful or harmful. How much attention, diverted, paid to it.  What will happen when the mortgage payment is due?

The kicker of it is that the bird has actually created the house. Need to come up with a way of deconstructing the image to go from a polished people-looking person to one made out of sticks, Styrofoam, bits of shoelace.

End: In progress.


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Styrofoam, yes. Interesting choice. I wonder what will happen if the house becomes the bird, instead? Parts of the bird are parts of the house, which become birds. Window birds, doors, the secret journal in the closet?

Comment by josh

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